Earn Crypto the Best Way - The Free Way! 🎉

by Anonymous
Founder & CEO

02 Dec 2022

Tags: Crypto, Rewards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shopping, E-commerce


I'm unbelievably excited to share with you what we at HQ in London have been working on. is a free app that pays you crypto cashback rewards when you shop. Available on mobile and desktop, has partnered with 10,000+ stores (18,632 as of the time of this post) to provide you with crypto rewards whenever you make a purchase.

Earn bitcoin or ethereum (you choose) at huge names like Walmart, Kroger, Groupon, Wayfair, Adidas, Nike, Bloomingdale’s, Alibaba, and much much more! You never need to pay us a cent, it’s literally free crypto. And free means risk free. If you’re worried about the ups and downs of the crypto market, is the best way to get involved with no risk of losing because you never spend money to invest.


Why crypto rewards?

Whatever your opinion of cryptocurrencies, having weathered numerous up’s and down’s, they’ve surely now proven that they’re here to stay. Approximately $112 billion is traded in cryptocurrency every single day. Over 18,000 businesses and counting currently accept cryptocurrency payments and there are over 300 million cryptocurrency owners and users worldwide.

But despite this, cryptocurrency is seen by most to be too risky to get involved in. Even if people are interested, many find it too difficult to do so. Those that do are either miners, with expensive computer equipment, or investors, who have to sign up to exchanges and invest their own money. Signing up to exchanges is no easy feat. Often a multi-day operation that involves the same processes as signing up for complex trading investment platforms. So it’s reserved for the few technically minded folk with the interest, time, and effort needed to get set up. Often male, often under 35. With the risk-appetite required to spend their own hard earned money on a notoriously volatile investment.

Simply put, cryptocurrency has a problem breaking out of its niche. is on a mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible for all. Crypto rewards are an excellent way to get cryptocurrency in the hands of people who wouldn’t otherwise touch it.

We eliminate the technical challenges and complexity by getting users set up in the simplest way possible, with just an email and password.

We eliminate the risk by giving out rewards for free. Users have no chance of losing any money as they never spend any.

So how does it work?

Whenever you’re browsing one of our store partners we’ll ask if you want to activate crypto cashback. After you make your purchase, the store pays us a small commission which we then share with you in the form of bitcoin or ethereum, the two most widely used and well-known cryptocurrencies.

Commissions can be as high as 40% but typically are around 5-6%. When your rewards are payable, this will appear in your wallet where we’ll store it for you for as long as you like. Transfer it off platform whenever you like.


Why ""?

We at believe that cryptocurrency can be earned “affordably” (get it? ;D). So affordably in fact that it’s free!


Sound interesting?

That’s it! We’re really excited to get started on this journey and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!